Charity is a very important part of the SHINE Photo Award!

Not every child in the world is as fortunate as the children and families on the submitted images. There are many children in the world who don’t have enough to eat and drink, can’t afford education, don’t live in a safe environment or have only little chance of a long, safe and self-determined life. That is why we give back and support charity organizations which take care of those in need.

Since the beginning of the SHINE Photo Award in 2020 we raised 3.718€ for charity! The money was donated to these charity organizations:

Mercy Ships / Back to live  / Malteser International  /Plan International / Ein Herz für Kinder (A Heart For Children) / UNICEF

(Please read the details of each project below)

A big THANK YOU goes out to all the participants, judges, supporters and friends! Without YOU this wouldn’t be possible! You SHINE!

Please read the details of each project below:

SHINE Photo Award - Charity

Mercy Ships – “Hospital Ships bringing hope and healing to the forgotten and poor.”

Our donation was directed specially for the need of women’s health such as gynecological treatment and operations.

> Website

Back to life 

Our donation was directed specially for helping building birth houses for women in Nepal, who are normally banished from their house during child birth. Please read more about this project > here

> Website

Malteser International

Our donation was directed for the special project of training midwives in Columbia’s Indigenous communities for safe childbirth in areas where there is no medical care available.

> Website

Plan International 

Charity projects for advancing children’s rights and equality for girls in more than 75 countries. Sponsorship for children from Peru and Vietnam.

> Website

Unicef – The United Nations Children’s Fund

Our donation was directed specially for child education.

> Website

Ein Herz für Kinder / A Heart For Children

Our donation was directed to help in all projects worldwide for children in need.

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